From 1995-2001 I played guitar and sang in PopCanon. We toured up and down the East Coast, particularly around the Southeast. We put out four albums and a lot of really pointless merchandise. Our original hand-made album packages are now collectors items.

We used to have a beautiful, comprehensive website where you could get lost for years, but alas, it no longer exists.

You can, however, “like” us on Facebook.


Too Clever By Half: The Very Best of PopCanon is available on CD Baby and i-Tunes.


PopCanon Fight Song

Things About Which

I’ve Got a Theory




5 thoughts on “PopCanon

  1. I was just listening to this again, I used to work at 1048, and I remember my then wife and I had the b as me to our house for a bbq and you guys sang to my kids on the sidewalk in front of 1048.

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