About M. David Hornbuckle

trainM. David Hornbuckle is a writer and musician from Birmingham, AL. He is the author of two books: Zen, Mississippi (Tritone Media, April 2010) and The Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter & Other Stories (Tritone Media, October 2009). He is also the founding editor of the literary magazine Steel Toe Review and the managing editor of the Birmingham Free Press. In addition, he is a songwriter and bandleader who has composed and performed many different genres of music. His most recent band is called Ghost Herd. He also maintains The Whiskey Thief cocktail blog.

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Who is M. David Hornbuckle the person, as opposed to M. David Hornbuckle the author/musician? He is a teacher and a student. He is a bad poet and a mediocre guitarist. He is an expert at saying something awkward about you to a third party just as you walk into the room. He is not very good at eating leftovers. He is a certified bartender who has never worked as a bartender. He is prone to impulsive and erratic behavior. He likes noisy music and wears noisy shirts. If you ask him what the M stands for he’ll tell you it stands for Mississippi–Mississippi David Hornbuckle, like the 80-year old blues man that he sometimes thinks he is on the inside. He is lying to you right now.

Resumé and Curriculum Vitae

7 thoughts on “About M. David Hornbuckle

  1. R. Sullivan Sanders

    Sir Hornbuckle, I am a student of one Dr. Jeffrey Bacha and I’d like to interview you for a feature article in the professional writing magazine, MEMORANDUM. Anyways, the article will simply take a look at your experience as an English major at UAB and its translation to your career as a writer. If you feel up for the bit I can either email you a set of questions or we can meet at your convenience.

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  3. Eric Schultz

    I have found your recipe for ginger bitters. I plan to make it. I have all of the ingredients except the devil’s club root. Do you use liquid or powder? It’s not easy to find, but I see some online I can buy. Any advice would be appreciated! Also looking forward to using it in some of your drink recipes!

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