About M. David Hornbuckle

Who is M. David Hornbuckle?

He is a teacher and a student.

He is a bad poet and a mediocre guitarist.

He is an expert at saying something awkward about you to a third party just as you walk into the room.

He is not very good at eating leftovers.

He is a decent mixologist.

He is prone to impulsive and erratic behavior.

He likes noisy music and wears noisy shirts.

If you ask him what the M stands for he’ll tell you it stands for Mississippi–Mississippi David Hornbuckle, like the 80-year old blues man that he sometimes thinks he is on the inside.

He is lying to you right now.


5 thoughts on “About M. David Hornbuckle

  1. R. Sullivan Sanders

    Sir Hornbuckle, I am a student of one Dr. Jeffrey Bacha and I’d like to interview you for a feature article in the professional writing magazine, MEMORANDUM. Anyways, the article will simply take a look at your experience as an English major at UAB and its translation to your career as a writer. If you feel up for the bit I can either email you a set of questions or we can meet at your convenience.

  2. Eric Schultz

    I have found your recipe for ginger bitters. I plan to make it. I have all of the ingredients except the devil’s club root. Do you use liquid or powder? It’s not easy to find, but I see some online I can buy. Any advice would be appreciated! Also looking forward to using it in some of your drink recipes!

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