Over the last 25 years, I’ve been in a gazillion different bands, some more successful than others, in many different genres. I’ve also performed and recorded as a solo act.

Highlighted Projects:

M. David Hornbuckle solo
folk, rock, folk rock, and lo-fi oddities : 1994–present

Ghost Herd
rock and roll with a taste of twang : 2011–present

Dixieland Space Orchestra
dixieland space pop: 2006–2010

Gutter & Spine
indie rock: 2007–2009

the m-word
ashcan acoustipunk: 2002–2004

jangly indie rock: 2000–2001

The Exes
tear in my beer country: 1999–2000

noisepopavantpunkidiotrock: 1995–2001


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