Interest in a PopCanon Reunion?

With our old haunt Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL closing down, there’s been some mutterings about a possible PopCanon reunion sometime in the near future. The former band members have discussed it, and we can’t get it together before Common Grounds closes its doors, but we are all very interested in doing a show–maybe a couple of shows–later on this year, perhaps in the fall.

I talked to Tony from No Idea records about us doing this reunion at the Fest this October, but it was a no-go. So we are left to our own devices. Will people actually show up to see this? We don’t know. Every time I go to Gainesville, at least a couple of people tell me how much they liked that band, which is amazing. The height of our popularity seems to have been after we broke up. Most of the time, we were struggling to bring 25 or 50 people in the door. But then again, our Last Show Ever was an event not to be missed, and the reunion show we played a year later got a pretty good response.

I told Ned we should do a week-long tour. It would be hilarious and stupid, almost hilarious and stupid enough to actually do it. Someone said they could get us shows in Atlanta and Miami. I could probably get us a show in Birmingham, Raleigh, or New York. But then Ned reminded me how depressing it would be to drive to all those places in a van and play for nobody. One show in Gainesville is probably all our fame can muster. Can we even muster that?

So who knows? Maybe this will happen. Maybe people will witness it. Maybe Randy from Blue Sky Baby will meet us at the county line with a plate of ribs.

As for Common Grounds, I’ll be going down there next weekend to pay my respects. I’ll write more about the club at that time.


One thought on “Interest in a PopCanon Reunion?

  1. Will people go to a PopCanon reunion? One of the best bands to ever rock this planet? Are you smokin’ crack? The place will be packed – lines out the door! Bring it on! (And get Squeaky to play the show too – they rocked one of the last shows @ Common Grounds (and the Covered Dish, too)!)

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