Solo Show Sunday at Stillwater Pub

This Sunday, July 10, I’ll be playing a solo show at Stillwater Pub in Birmingham. Tym and Brent will join me for at least one set of acoustic Ghost Herd numbers. There may be other special guests. I’ll start playing around 9:30 or 10a nd play until they shut us down. Come on out!

Ghost Herd News for June

We’ve just set up a fan page on Facebook. Join us there.

Listen to Southbound on Birmingham Mountain Radio tonight between 9 and 10 pm Central to hear our song “Familiar Strangers.”

Our next show is Friday, June 24 at Sipsey Tavern in Birmingham. It will be a rocking good time as always. Be there.

That is all for now.

Interest in a PopCanon Reunion?

With our old haunt Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL closing down, there’s been some mutterings about a possible PopCanon reunion sometime in the near future. The former band members have discussed it, and we can’t get it together before Common Grounds closes its doors, but we are all very interested in doing a show–maybe a couple of shows–later on this year, perhaps in the fall.

I talked to Tony from No Idea records about us doing this reunion at the Fest this October, but it was a no-go. So we are left to our own devices. Will people actually show up to see this? We don’t know. Every time I go to Gainesville, at least a couple of people tell me how much they liked that band, which is amazing. The height of our popularity seems to have been after we broke up. Most of the time, we were struggling to bring 25 or 50 people in the door. But then again, our Last Show Ever was an event not to be missed, and the reunion show we played a year later got a pretty good response.

I told Ned we should do a week-long tour. It would be hilarious and stupid, almost hilarious and stupid enough to actually do it. Someone said they could get us shows in Atlanta and Miami. I could probably get us a show in Birmingham, Raleigh, or New York. But then Ned reminded me how depressing it would be to drive to all those places in a van and play for nobody. One show in Gainesville is probably all our fame can muster. Can we even muster that?

So who knows? Maybe this will happen. Maybe people will witness it. Maybe Randy from Blue Sky Baby will meet us at the county line with a plate of ribs.

As for Common Grounds, I’ll be going down there next weekend to pay my respects. I’ll write more about the club at that time.

Update Update and Short Story Contest

It has come to my attention that I haven’t updated this blog in more than a month. So here’s a quick run-down. I haven’t been writing much here because I’ve been writing a lot elsewhere.

First off, Steel Toe Review is getting better all the time, publishing new work every day or two. And we are hosting our first short story contest with a $100 prize. You can see the details on the home page of the STR site. This is a themed contest. I have long had this idea that Birmingham/Red Mountain is sort of like a spaceship that landed 120 years ago in the middle of Alabama. This probably has a lot to do with my fascination with Sun Ra, but also I think Birmingham just makes a lot more sense when you think about it that way. So I’d been thinking about writing a story like this but I never got around to it. So now, here’s $100 incentive for other people to write it for me. Exciting, no?

Secondly, I’ve been writing new songs, performing, and recording. This coming Friday (March 11), my band is playing a show at the DanielDay Gallery/DreamMecca Studio in Lakeview. Our sister band Results of Adults are opening for us. There is a $10 donation at the door, which I know sounds a little steep. BUT it’s BYOB, so you will save lots of money by bringing your own beer.

Reminder: Show tonight

Tonight is the debut of my new band with Brent Stauffer and Tym Cornell. I’ve known both of these guys for almost 20 years, and I’m excited to be playing music with them both again. The music this band plays is catchy, melodic rock and roll with a little bit of folksiness here and there.

We sound a little something like this:

Tym’s band, Results of Adults, is playing second. He’s a great songwriter in his own right–with a lot of psychedelic influence.  Our band will also be playing one of Tym’s songs, as well as a couple by our old songwriting partner George Mostoller.

The opening band, Hifidelics, is a surf rock band. I haven’t heard them personally but I’ve been told on authority that they are very good, and it’s probably unfair to make them open. They should probably be headlining.

The cover is a mere $5, and you’ll get to see three awesome bands. The first band will go on promptly at 9pm.

See you at Sipsey.

Parkside Cafe This Thursday

Thursday night, I’m playing  a set at Parkside Cafe (4036 5th Ave South) at 9 pm. I’m opening for an alt bluegrass band from Athens, GA called Packway Handle. I haven’t heard them yet, but numerous people have told me they are very good.

In additional music news, I’m having the first rehearsal with my new band this afternoon. I have Brent Stauffer on bass, Adam Guthrie on lead guitar, and Scotty Hamilton on drums, all very talented musicians that I’ve known for many years. We still don’t have a name.