I Have Arrived

About four and a half hours ago, I arrived at my parents’ house in Birmingham. I’ll be looking for my own apartment here later on this week. I expect to keep this blog more up to date from here on out. I have a LOT of creative projects that I plan to get started on now that I have no excuse not to.

The first thing on the agenda is to get the Southside Fiction Writing Workshop off the ground. I want to use my experience as a writer and workshop leader to help other people in the area to hone their fiction writing skills and also to access the parts of their subconscience that lead to inspiration. I think this is a little like group therapy, and I like that. I believe this is one of the clearest ways that I can use whatever talents I have to actually help people recognize their own potential and be better versions of themselves.

Now if I can just get a few people to sign up…

If you are in the Birmingham area, spread the word.

Other things I’d like to start here, which I’ll talk about in more detail later:

Any of my Birmingham friends that want to help out with any of these things, get in touch!


2 thoughts on “I Have Arrived

  1. Well, nothing in this world is permanent, but until further notice, yes.

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