Some Punk Lyrics

Some lyrics (punk rock, G and F):

You call me on the telephone everyday

You’ve got nothing to say. You just want to say ‘hey’.

Ask me how I’m doin’, say I sound bored.

That’s a brilliant observation. You’ve got me floored.


I’m bored with you, bored with you.

So hang up the phone; this conversation is through.

I’m bored with you, bored with you.

So get of my way; I’ve got other things to do.


Some C&W Choruses

When I hear your name,
I break out in a cold, cold sweat.
Clearly I’m not over you yet.

I didn’t think no one would blame me,
I had a bad excuse.

But if you think you’ve won
Remember it’s not a game, dear;
It’s a search for the truth.

Late last night I googled your name.
I read your blog and saw that you’d done the same
For me.

You wouldn’t know the truth if it spit in your eye