Miscellaneous Debris

So I defended my Masters thesis yesterday. Since my degree is in Creative Writing, the thesis itself is actually a draft of the novel I’m writing called The Fireball Brothers. It is about two teenage brothers who, while swimming near their Alabama farm in 1959, come near a “fireball” that has fallen from the sky. From then on, the two brothers are joined at the shoulder. Because they can no longer do regular work to support the family farm, their father takes them on the road as travelling musicians. Along the way, they meet fellow musicians, snakeoil salesmen, circus freaks, and beatniks. A reporter named Munford Coldwater takes an interest in the family and tries to help them while documenting their journeys. Taken as a whole, the novel is a meditation on space, in all its connotations both inner and outer, and its place in the mythologizing of the late twentieth-century and contemporary Southern experience.

Sounds quite fancy, I know. The thesis version of the novel is 168 pages and about 45,000 words. I hope to come close to doubling those numbers before I start shopping the novel around commercially.

In other news, the proof copy of the Steel Toe Review Anthology is on its way. Once we finish checking it over for a week or so, it will be available for all. I’ll be ordering a couple of hundred of them to send out to the contributors and those who donated $25 or more to our kickstarter campaign.


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