Labor Day Weekend

I spent Labor Day Weekend with old and new friends in the Florida panhandle. I’m happy to report that I didn’t see any black balls of oil. In fact the water was beautiful and calm and warm. Of course, that doesn’t mean the problem is solved by any means, but it’s a good idea to support the local businesses there while the cleanup is still underway. As for myself, I did my best to help out by patronizing a number of bars and restaurants in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin.

I did a little work while I was at the beach as well. I got started on a web site for Steel Toe Review with some design help from Mike Tesney. It’s coming along, but it’s still not perfect. I decided to try doing it via WordPress, but I’m not convinced that’s the best format. And the email address for submissions doesn’t work. So don’t send me anything yet.

The new band is also imminent. Rehearsals start a week from tomorrow. Still need a band name. George came up with The Featles, and I like that one, but I’m not sure it’s right for this particular band.

I got back in town late Sunday night. I spent the first part of Monday at a church fair/flea market/barbecue with Tia and Warren (and baby Walter). Then the four of us joined my parents, my brother, and my niece and nephew at the Birmingham Zoo, which I have not been to in I don’t know how many years. The kids all had an excellent time, and I had a pretty good time myself.


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