What Is This Blog About?

Do the things I write in this blog have anything at all to do with the book I wrote of the same name? I admit I have not really addressed that or even thought about it much, but I’m thinking about it now.

Brilliant observation #1: I don’t live in Mississippi. I live in Alabama.

Much of the novel (about 1/3 of it or so by page count) takes place in Mississippi. Much of it also takes place in Birmingham. In recent days, and for the foreseeable future, I am writing about being back in Birmingham after many years away.

Brilliant observation #2: The protagonist in my book and I have a few things in common.

The novel is also about a person that runs away from the place where he grew up, searches for meaning in his life, and then discovers that he has to return home and deal with issues there before he can really move on and try to be happy. I found in the past year or so that this was more than a mere metaphor. Writing this book, especially the last parts (which I wrote last, duh) uncovered things in my own subconscious mind that I never really came to terms with. I’m not going to get into that stuff here. That’s between me and my therapist (btw-anybody know a good psychotherapist in Birmingham?)

What else? Oh yeah, I want to keep reminding all you wonderful people out there to buy the damn book. It’s really good. Really.


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