Day 2: Rambling

On day number two in Birmingham, I’ve mostly been encumbered by day-job responsibilities and other administrative things like figuring out how to get my car registered here, etc. I have already eaten Waffle House and Chick-fil-a in my first 24 hours here. Clearly I can’t keep up those kinds of eating habits regularly, but I wanted to get that shit out of the way so I wouldn’t get obsessed about it (he says as he remembers to take his cholesterol pill).

Through Facebook (to beat a familiar drum), I’m discovering, or rediscovering, that all the social scenes here are inextricably linked and people I know from one part of my life are all connected to people in other parts of my life, and a lot of people in Birmingham are connected to people I know in New York in ways that I never knew or expected. I’m hoping that will make it easier to get people involved in all my various schemes and shenanigans.

Speaking of which, anybody know any really good horn players in Birmingham? I’m ready to start getting Dixieland Space Orchestra 2.0 together.


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