Road Trip Days 14-15

On Dec. 14, amid tornado watches and flash floods, I rolled into Dothan, Alabama, where I lived from age 10 until I graduated from high school. This picture pretty much tells you all you need to know.

I found old pal Steve G, and we went downtown to find some dinner, stumbling upon a fairly new establishment called R.J. Saxons. There I ran into another old friend Tim Metcalf. We sat at the bar catching up for a couple of hours, and then I headed over to Steve’s to crash.

The next morning was possibly the pinnacle of my literary career. I was interviewed by Ann Varnum on WTVY. The episode will air on Sunday Dec. 27 at 9am. I will be back in Birmingham by then, so I hope all my friends in Dothan will tape this momentous television event and get me a copy of it somehow.

In the afternoon, I had my book signing at Dakota Coffee Works.

Turnout was not as high as I’d hoped, but I did make a couple of unexpected sales. In addition, folks that I didn’t even know that well drove from as far away from Mobile and Santa Rosa Beach, and we all had a fine time hanging out and telling stories around my large unsold pile of books.

After the reading, Tim drove me out to visit a couple of other old friends, Elizabeth and Steve. They live in a cabin out in the woods outside Enterprise, AL. There, more hilarious storytelling ensued and all manner of delicious locally grown foods and home-brewed beverages were consumed by all.


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