Road Trip Day 7

This was my day in Memphis. And no, I didn’t visit Sun Studios or Graceland while I was there. But I did visit with three old friends, none of whom I’d seen in about fifteen years. Two were friends from high school, Sydnie Simms and Kathy Babilon. The third was Don Thomas, who was the drummer in my band Crazy Treehead when I was in college at UAB.

We all met up at Young Ave Deli and then later moved along to Boscos. Both were excellent places to hang out and catch up, and many beverages and fried food delights were consumed.

I crashed at Don’s house. Here’s Don. There are drums in pretty much every room of the house.

Don is a bit of hesitant to catch up to the times. Not only does he only have dial-up internet at his house. He also has a rotary telephone. His house is filled with other beatiful antiques also. Here are some pictures of those.

Don also collects and refurbishes antique cars. There are five at his house, including two ’64 Dodge Darts.

I slept well, and after Don made some pancakes, we rocked out in his basement for a little bit before I hit the road for Oxford, MS. More on that later…


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