New Web Site for Cantarabooks

My publisher has redesigned her web site. The new look is sleeker and definitely more inviting. I was never too thrilled with the previous design. This is much easier on the eyes.

You can view my author page and leave comments here. Please do. That would be fun.

Still no word on that mysterious lawsuit though. Hopefully we will know something more about that soon.


One thought on “New Web Site for Cantarabooks

  1. Hi, David. Your own book page looks good but still could be tightened up a bit. Give me a few days on it… Salvation is such a nifty tale and deserves a wide audience.

    As for the lawsuit! I’ll be sending out another (private) newsletter regarding that matter this afternoon. There are some far-reaching issues at stake here that have to do with more than our little literary fiefdom…

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