Bonus Tracks

Ok, so I wrote a new song the other day. None of these are it. I hope to record a demo of it this week. But while looking through my files, I came across three old demos of songs that I never did with any band or released on any solo album. Previously unreleased Hornbuck-alia!

This first one has lyrics by my old songwriting partner George Mostoller. He often sends me lyrics, and sometimes I set them to music. He also wrote the songs “Subway” and “Lip-Smackin’ Woman,” which I sometimes perform.

“Another Time” — recorded 12/2/2004.

\”Another Time\” by M. David Hornbuckle

The next two are from a revue that Marie and I planned to write in 2002 called “Domination: the Musical.” I think these are the only two we got around to writing, and I’m pretty sure Marie wrote the lyrics for both of these.

“It’s Nice” and “Why Do I Do What I Do?” — recorded August 2002.

\”It\’s Nice\” from Domination: the Musical

\”Why Do I Do I Do What I Do?\” from Domination: the Musical


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