Who Is John Edward Gill?

As of this morning, Mr. Gill has not responded to my message yesterday. My publisher still has not seen the lawsuit and doesn’t know how Mr. Gill has siezed her personal assets as well as those of Cantarabooks.

A couple of interesting things to note just from digging around. On his website, he claims that his book Sacred Hearts was nominated for a Hemingway/PEN award. But of course, anyone can nominate a book for that award; however, one requirement for eligibility is that the book NOT be self-published.

The publisher for Sacred Hearts is Steel Press Publishing, based in Pittsburgh. There’s very little information publicly available about this company, but it’s website and email address are always listed as Gill’s website and email address. I called the number I found for the company, and it was disconnected. Orders for the book are placed through Gill’s non-profit organization, Children’s Rights of New York (based in Stony Brook, NY, and not to be confused with the better known Children’s Rights organization based in NYC). Is this organization even legitimate? Is there really such a company as Steel Press Publishing? it may be that they went out of business since 2003 when Sacred Hearts was published.

I still have no idea what to think about all this yet.


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