Plans and Brainstorms

This is mainly a note for my own use, but I’m leaving it public because I welcome the feedback of my illustrious fans and friends. It’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m trying to get all my various projects and ideas plotted out for 2009.

Writing: So essentially, all these projects are in progress already. And I just need to set aside a little time each day for each one, or at least plan to work on at least one of them every day. Lately, I’ve been slacking off..

  1. First order of business is to try and get my novel manuscript Zen, Mississippi published. If I can’t manage to get a deal by, say, early spring, I’m probably going to publish it myself just to get it off my desk and out into the world.
  2. Second is continued work on my as-yet-unnamed new novel.
  3. Then I have the a series of related short stories, tentatively titled Still Life with Infidels. Several stories from the collection are complete, and most of those have been published in various places (such as here and  here). I have a few more I still have to write.
  4. I’m also building a separate collection of unrelated short stories. No title yet. Some published. Others not yet published. Still more not yet written.

I have another idea for a book, but it’s going to have to wait. Four books is enough to work on at one time. And that’s not counting the stuff I’m working on with Jennifer Blowdryer, which may eventually turn into either a book or a documentary film.


  1. Dixieland Space Orchestra. That band has been on hiatus since, I think September. I want to write some new arrangements, maybe even write some new songs, and definitely refocus the direction and overall sound of the band. I haven’t really started on any of that except some brainstorms about the new sound. Essentially, I want it to be less rock and more Dixieland/avant garde. The rock element has been creeping up. I think I’d also like to do some actual traditional Dixieland songs with our own spin. I think that will help to establish the direction that I’m thinking about.
  2. Gutter & Spine, the indie rock band that I play guitar/drums for. That band should plan on recording a second album next year.
  3. Some friends and I have talked about starting a hardcore band, writing all new material. I’d like to do this. I think we probably should just get together and do it–see what we can get done in a rehearsal or two. Need to write or dig up some lyrics to bring in. I have a couple that we can start off with.
  4. Finally, an idea I had this morning–probably a very dumb idea, and it would only work if we planned to have very limited engagements. Just the Way You Aren’t — hardcore covers of Billy Joel songs. A little something like this cover of Big Shot that my old band Eurotoaster did.

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