my self-deprecating sales manner

I suppose complaining about my poor sales isn’t the best way to convince people to buy my book.

So here are some nice things people have said about it.

Wonderful work… I finished it in one sitting” –Kevin M.

“I love it… The writing is great. I had to look up ‘minacious’! The story is haunting. I found TH2’s descent especially touching” –Margaret D.

I’ve been reading David Hornbuckle for several years now, and his mind never ceases to amaze. His stories — this one in particular — manage a blending of neo-realism with the freest feats of imagination. His beautifully written worlds are ours and, I think, several others. He’s carrying on the fine tradition of Southern writers … only different.” –Jim B.

So there. Feel free to add your own reviews, both positive and negative, in the comments.


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