Save Billy Wayne Carter

Although the book came out almost 9 months ago, I’m starting this blog now in order to try to give it a second life. It turns out that marketing an e-book is not an particularly easy thing to do, and sales have not been quite what I’d hoped for.

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article for (subscription only, unfortunately), which profiled my publisher, Cantarabooks, and examined the pros and cons of their business model. In a nutshell, the model is this: First they publish a book electronically, and if it sells over a certain threshhold, they will then publish it in paperback. Compared to options like print-on-demand and self-publishing, I concluded this was a good option for some writers, especially if they were having a hard time getting their foot in the door of a more traditional publishing house.

The biggest advantage I can see to this type of publishing is that e-books cost almost nothing to produce, so the house can afford to take a chance on an author that is unconventional or unknown.

As of today, I need to sell only 53 more books to be offered a paperback contract by my publisher. I’m being up-front about this number because it seems low, but, in fact, I’ve already tapped almost all my friends and family, and word just isn’t spreading about the book outside my relatively small circle of acquaintances.

So buy a copy today and help bring Salvation to life as an old-fashioned book that you can hold in your hands, carry with you, and lend to friends.


One thought on “Save Billy Wayne Carter

  1. you should have pictures of cats reading your book. and talk about vultures and if they really do that thing you describe in the book. maybe there is a youtube video somewhere.

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