Really crazy dreams this morning, just in the hour or so in between M leaving for work and when I woke up. They all just sort of melded together.

First, I was in a hotel with M and several other people, including Neil from the Bridge. M complained that Neil came in and didn’t seem like himself and ran into the bathroom. I didn’t see him, so I waited for him to come out. He never did.

Instead, a beam of light seemed to come from the bathroom, projecting an image on the wall that said “Squeaky” over and over again, definitely a reference to the Gainesville band of that name. The image changed, moved around variously to all four walls and eventually showed some sort of commercial with a number we could call for more information. I said out loud, “I’m more interested in how they’re doing this than what they’re saying.” I started examining the windows, and noticed several cameras outside, apparently dangling from the floor above us.

Meanwhile, a woman who was in the room with us called the number, but failed to find out what it was all about.

Then some giant (he must have been over 7 feet tall) came by to replace a chair and radio in the room, even though he admitted there was nothing wrong with the old ones. I talked to him about the projections, and he said that several people had had similar complaints. He was fascinated by it, but couldn’t do anything of course. Also, inexplicably, there was a hole in the floor, and we could see a kitchen below. The giant from hotel management didn’t care about that either.

At that point, the transition is unclear, but I was sort of attending a high school reunion that was also somehow a work conference (in the dream, I was still working for Karen Entner). The only reunion person I remember clearly was Tammy Tindal Taylor, who seemed genuinely happy to see me (utterly unrealistic). It was supposed to be some kind of dinner or maybe a lunch, but I was having a hard time finding a comfortable chair to sit in, so I left.

I went to go clean out my car, which was extremely messy. I got a call from Karen asking me when M’s conference would be over (apparently she was also at a conference in the same town, so we were staying longer than some others) and to just give her receipts for my meals.

The next thing I remember is M screaming at me to turn off the TV, and I woke up with a start.


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