Last night’s dreams were like a zany comedy. I was investigating some mobsters by pretending to work in the building they used as their office, assisted by Paula Abdul, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and some other guy whose name I don’t remember (if he had one) and who wasn’t very bright. The final chase scene came when we were caught by the mobsters, but we convinced them that we really had been hired to do some job in that building, like run a sort of post office. This was working even though Kareem and Paula were playing themselves, and the mobsters recognized them. But it all came crashing down when we were moving our belongings out, figuring we’d lost and would have to give up the investigation, when the dumb guy starts moving his several pairs of Reebok tennis shoes. (There was an earlier chase scene that involved a carload of Reeboks). This somehow clued the mobsters in to who we really were.

In another part of the same dream, Kareem was making jokes about my last name, which in retrospect, didn’t make any sense.


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