Had dreams about Birmingham last night. The Birmingham in my dreams is bigger and more confusing than the real Birmingham, much like it seemed to me when I was a kid. I dreamed that my parents still owned a house in Bluff Park and were preparing it to sell. I was walking around the neighborhood and saw Chris Rich jogging down the street. I ran to catch up with him, telling him who I was, and he wasn’t interested in talking to me. It was weird. He said “I don’t know you anymore,” and went on his way.

The last time I saw Chris in real life was his wedding, which had to have been around 1994. Before that I probably hadn’t seen him since we were about twelve, probably 1984.

It was with him that I expanded the Monkeyman mythology. When I was taking on the role of Monkeyman, I dubbed him Apeface—not the most flattering nom de guerre. But it didn’t seem to bother him particularly.

All this home renovation going on in my dreams lately is very curious. I wonder who I’m supposed to be trying to help.


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