I drank a cup of coffee at my gig last night, and it didn’t keep me awake, but I did start having weird dreams again. It partially involved several anxiety dreams that I have fairly often about pets escaping and about drinking. There was also a travel aspect to it. In one part of the dream, M and I (and two of the three cats—Frankie was absent from the dream) stayed with a family who lived in a house attached to a General Store, which they ran. They also had a lot of pets, including two big dogs, at least one small dog, and some kind of rodent like a guinea pig. Out back, literally in the back yard of the house, there was a market where people sold exotic herbs and peppers.

At some point, there was an opportunity where we might take over the house, as well as the store.

Somewhere near the end of the dream, I was searching through the fridge for a beer and drank a PBR. I poured it in a glass, hoping nobody would ask what it was I was drinking. I couldn’t remember if I’d already relapsed, but I suspected that I had.

A sign, or just anxiety? Who knows?


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