In last night’s crazy assed dream, I somehow became friends with Steven Malkmus from Pavement, and then used that friendship to surreptitiously get my “friends” at Rolling Stone an interview with him by taking them, unannounced, to his house in New Jersey. Needless to say, this annoyed Steven greatly. I tried to smooth it over by acting casual about it and talking about some records I’d recently heard that sounded influenced by Pavement, including one by Jon Bon Jovi’s brother. Also, when Malkmus was just hanging out in his living room, he was listening to System of a Down, which seems pretty unlikely.

I had another one that was alternately in a bookstore and a library. Both were near our apartment, somewhere in the West 40’s. There was a book that was supposed to have one of my stories in it, and I was supposed to get a free copy, but I hadn’t gotten it yet, so I was trying to get the bookstore to give it to me. At one point, I walked into the bookstore/library and my mother was sitting at a table talking to my ex-wife Doris. I avoided them.


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