Color Blind

I realized that I never wrote in here about Jessica. Jessica is a transvestite I met on the internet. M and I met her (or her male counterpart, actually) at a bar on the upper west side for a couple of drinks and some lovely conversation (mostly on trivia game shows and Australian wildlife). During the day, s/he is a mild-mannered philosophy professor named XX, although XX always at least wears women’s underwear beneath his men’s clothes. During our discussion, we learned that an unusually high percentage of people in the field of philosophy are color blind. I was reminded of this yesterday, because I found out that Christopher also is color blind.

A couple of nights ago, I was thinking about color blindness and suddenly wondered what it might be like to be shape-blind, or what that would possibly mean even. I decided that it would mean that you couldn’t distinguish corners from curves, or something like that. I’ve been plagued by questions like this lately.


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