Zen, Mississippi is Now on Amazon

My new novel finally showed up on Amazon this morning.


This means it should be available for general distribution now, so you should be able to walk into any bookstore in the world and ask them to order it. Please do so.

Also, if you have already read the book, please please please post a review on Amazon. I would very much appreciate it and will buy you a drink next time I see you in return.

So it’s officially a book now. Woohoo!


Zen, Mississippi is Available for Pre-Sale on Lulu.com

You can buy Zen, Mississippi right now on lulu.com and have a copy in a week or so.

Buy it here: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/zen-mississippi/8076267

I’m calling this a “pre-sale” because it will be another 6-8 weeks before it will be available for general distribution. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find it on the shelf in your local bookstore, though I’ll do what I can. What it DOES mean is that you will be able to go in your local bookstore and ask them to order it, and they should be able to easily get it for you. It will also be listed on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com and possibly other websites where books are sold.

Even then, I make a couple of dollars more if you buy it directly from lulu.com, but I’m not concerned about how much money I make. I’m concerned about the easiest way to get this book in peoples’ hands, and if ordering it from Amazon is what’s easiest for you, then that is just fine with me.

Save the Date: Book Release Party May 13 at Lolita Bar

I’m planning to have a book release party at Lolita Bar (266 Broome Street) on May 13 at 7pm.

I will read a little from the book, play a little music, and have some friends play a little music. Of course, copies of my book(s) will be available for sale and signing. But mostly I just want to have a party and hang out.

Lolita Bar has happy hour specials until 8, so get there early. I’ll post more information about this event as the date gets closer.

New Work: The Boy Who Cried Wolves

The new issue of Fogged Clarity just came out, and it features a short story of mine called “The Boy Who Cried Wolves.”

This issue also features an interview with author Benjamin Percy, fiction by Harvey Havel, and a bunch of other multimedia coolness. This is one of the nicest looking literary/arts magaizines on the web, IMO, so please check it out.

Also, check out the highly pretentious “Statement of Intent” that I submitted to them along with the story (one of their requirements for submission).

One of the things I’ve been interested in exploring with my fiction is the way that a new story can be affected by a an old one that is already deeply imbedded in our consciousness. In this case, only the title is a play on words from a traditional fable, and the rest of the idea flowed from the slight change in the wording. But because of that small wordplay, the reader’s experience is colored through the association with the traditional story even though the two actual stories are actually quite different.

I Am a Literary Upstart

[repost from There Will Be Blog]

As a semifinalist in the L Magazine’s “Literary Upstart” contest, I was asked to read last night at the Slipper Room. There was a sizeable and enthusiastic audience and three other semifinalists reading. At the end, the four of us were critiqued by a panel of judges, American Idol style, and one reader moved on to the finals. That one reader was not me.

I wish I could tell you the names of the other readers or of the judges, but I don’t have that information easily accessible at the moment. Maybe I’ll update later to include that. In any case, the judges’ comments were mostly superficial, and they clearly had not understood one of the major points about my story–so I really couldn’t take the whole thing very seriously. So here for your enjoyment, is my performance from last night, which one of the judges said reminded him of a”city council meeting.”

50 More By Xmas

They say it is good to have goals. Mine is fairly modest actually. I would like to sell 50 downloads of the Salvation e-book by Christmas. This will be more than enough to qualify it for a paperback printing (by my best calculation, I’m on contractually obligated to sell about 40 more). I’m asking all my friends and “fans” to please help spread the word about it.

One thing you can do is become by fan on Facebook. You can do that by going to this page and clicking the “Become a Fan” link. Your Facebook updates will show that you became a fan, thus dissiminating my fame far and wide through the internets. I’ll also be able to send you updates directly, but I promise that I won’t do this very much.

On a similar note, you can join the Facebook group M. David Hornbuckle Knows Wordz Good. Both Fabebook pages serve virtually the same purpose as far as you are concerned. For me, there are technical pros and cons for each one, and that is why I set both of them up.

And of course, if you haven’t already done so, you can buy the damn book. You could even send a message out to a few people you know and say, “Hey, this guy who I (went to high school with/was in a band with/slept with years ago) has written a book, and he could really use your support. Please buy a copy,” and include that link, so they know where to go. That would be awesome and totally unexpected on my part.