Labor Day Weekend, Catching Up

It’s been a crazy and busy summer, filled with travel, teaching, and tutoring, culminating in a week of Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and then two weeks of the Sewanee Writers Conference. Last week, classes started up again at UAB, and I’m already a little overwhelmed.

In addition to teaching and tutoring, I started the Alternative Masters Program in Education, also known as the “fifth-year” teaching program. I just can’t seem to collect enough Masters degrees. “Fifth-year” is a very misleading term because it implies that it only takes a year to complete it, which is theoretically possible but highly improbable if you have any other demands on your time. It will take me two years.

Moreover, Jennifer and I have just moved into a house in Crestwood, finally giving up our shitty Southside apartment. As my friend Gaije said recently, moving is always a nightmare, even if everything goes as planned. And it never goes as planned. We had a terrible experience with American Eagle Movers, and I highly recommend NOT using them next time you move.

It is appropriate that it’s Labor Day weekend, because I will spend much of it working. I have quite a lot of homework to do before Tuesday for my Education courses, plus lesson planning for the class I’m teaching. It’s also just about time to release another issue of Steel Toe Review, but I still have a lot of submissions to wade through before I can even think about actually putting it all together.  Maybe that will start to come together NEXT weekend. Oh, and that new novel I’m writing. Maybe I’ll get back to that next week as well.


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