Buy My Book Cheap, or Download it for Free

The Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter and Other Stories has now been available to the public for almost four months, and sales have been okay, though not astronomical. On, I initially offered the paperback for $14.95 and the PDF download for $4.95.  Similarly, on Amazon, the paperback was $14.95, and the Kindle version was $4.95. I am starting to think that maybe these prices were too high for a book of 150 pages, and I’m more interested in getting the book into peoples’ hands than in making money from it.

I read an article recently about some Amazon giving away some Kindle books for free, and that seemed like a pretty good idea. It helps Amazon promote the Kindle because there is free content, and it helps the authors and publishers spread the word about the book to a wider audience. But as far as I can tell from my research, Amazon forces publishers (like myself) to charge at least 99 cents for a book. If there is any discount beyond that, it is Amazon offering the discount–not the publisher. I’m sure there are some backroom deals between Amazon and some of the big publishers to arrange these giveaways, so the upshot is, I can’t give away the Kindle version of my book for free.

However, I did make it as cheap as I could. It now costs 99 cents. You can buy it here.

(Sorry to the TWO of you who bought it for $4.95–I think I know who you are, and I’ll make it up to you).

AND while I was in there fiddling with things, I was able to fix some major formatting problems in the Kindle version of the book (sorry again to the two people who already bought it).

On, I reduced the paperback price to $9.40. That is as low as I can possibly go with it. But if you are willing to download a PDF, you can do so for FREE.

The link to buy/download from lulu is here.


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