How (and Where) to Buy My Book

People keep asking me certain questions about where they can get the book online or locally, so I thought I’d summarize the relevant info here, and I’m keeping it updated as new sales outlets become available.

The Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter and Other Stories is available online in three places:

  • – I make a little more money if you buy it from Lulu because Amazon takes a small cut if you buy it from them. But it’s really not a significant amount. If you prefer, you can also buy it from Lulu in e-book format. It’s cheaper that way, but obviously not as nice of a product as the paperback IMO.
  • – Buying it from Amazon is great if you want to combine it with other things you are buying to save on shipping, or if you happen to have a gift certificate. It would also be great if people would post reviews here. That really helps a lot. The book is also now available for Amazon Kindle.
  • Author’s Bookshop – I recently added this outlet, which specializes in distributing books for independent authors. They also pay me a little more per book than Amazon does.

I’m working on getting it in some local independent bookstores. So far, it’s in stock at these local bookstores.

  • Birmingham, AL – At the Alabama Booksmith, where I worked when I was in college at UAB. Copies in the store are already signed. Jim Reed Books in downtown Birmingham also has signed copies. Little Professor Books in Homewood also has copies, but they are not signed.
  • Dothan, AL – At the Dakota Coffee Works, where I did my reading/signing event when I was in town. They have retained a few copies to keep for sale on the counter.
  • Oxford, MS – The imminent Square Books has copies available for sale. This is perhaps my favorite book store in the entire world.
  • Gainesville, FL – At both Goering’s and Books Inc, both fine stores where I shopped for books when I lived down there.
  • Brooklyn, NY – At Word bookstore in Greenpoint. This is the store that sponsors my basketball league. Copies in the store here are signed.
  • Manhattan, NY – At Left Bank Books in Greenwich Village. A very cool and tiny store on charming W 4th Street.

You can also go to ANY bookstore ANYWHERE and ask them to order a copy for you. It will help them if they have the ISBN number, which is 978-0-557-10294-5.

They will likely want to figure out if they can buy it at a discount, which will allow them to sell it to you at a profit. I do offer a discount to bookstores, but they have to contact me directly at david (dot) hornbuckle (at) gmail (dot) com. Feel free to pass that information on to your preferred local store.


One thought on “How (and Where) to Buy My Book

  1. Rolando Helvie

    I am really moved by the mode that you write, and the subject is excellent. FYI, I would love a Kindle 2, I’d be too pissed if they cancelled the cellular internet to justify the cost.

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