Salvation 2.0 Coming Soon

I don’t have an exact date yet, but sometime in October, the new edition of Salvation should be available to the public. Just what is new and improved about this new edition? Well, for starters:

  1. Duh, it’s in PAPERBACK. You can hold it, fold it, carry it around with you, write in the margins, use that bookmark that someone gave you as a stocking stuffer last year. It will be a real book that you can put on a shelf next to your other books.
  2. There is a NEW ENDING. Even if you read the e-book version, you can read it again and still be surprised. If you didn’t read it, just trust me. This ending is better. In addition, there are other various little rewrites throughout the book, that I’m sure you’ll notice (note, I don’t actually expect you to notice them. That would be weird).
  3. There are ADDITIONAL STORIES, including the award-winning “Funeral Music” and the ever popular “Bertrand Russell Sees a Man” and several other stories that you may or may not have read when they were individually published in various literary magazines and websites around the world.
  4. There are QUOTATION MARKS. This is a big deal. I finally realized that my aesthetic choice to use em-dashes instead of quotes is likely the only reason that I am not rich and famous already, so consider this me selling out. Now you will no longer be confused about who is speaking when, especially with the addition of little “he said” and “she said” tags sprinkled throughout the text.

Keep checking back here for more updates as the publication date approaches!


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