Introducing Tritone Media

Well, it isn’t exactly new. Since PopCanon’s first album in the mid-1990s, most of the CDs I’ve released have been on the Tritone Music label, which is the label Ned Davis and I founded for the distinct purpose of putting out our own music. And my chapbook Fuck Cheese was also nominally affiliated with Tritone, as are the T-shirts that Marie and I sell through Cafe Press.

Now I’m reviving it as a paperback literary press, and the first release will be The Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter and Other Stories.  This will include a revised version of my e-book novella and several short stories that have all been previously published, including the award-winning story “Funeral Music” and the strangely popular “The Office Party.”

I’ve struggled with the idea of “self-publishing” for  a long time, and I’ve often equated it with giving up any hope of getting my books published in more traditional ways. BUT I’m thinking of this as a long-term business plan where I might end up publishing other people’s books if I like them enough (but please don’t send me any submissions just yet). Also, ALL of the work that will be in this book has been previously published by other people, either online or in print. Given these factors, and the fact that the traditional publishing industry dies a little more every single day, I find myself finally willing to take this leap.

I’m also considering putting out my unpublished novel Zen, Mississippi under this press in a few months, after I see how the experiment with the first book goes. Meanwhile, I’m still working diligently on two other books. I’ve sequestered myself in a bunker in an undisclosed location in Brooklyn to get them both finished as quickly as possible. So there may be even more books on Tritone’s roster soon. Though if some big evil corporate mainstream publisher decides they’d like to make me a deal, I’m still listening.


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