My Publisher on Gawker Today

And I thought the pot-bellied pig attacking a woman at a restaurant would be the weirdest thing I read about today.

My publisher, Cantara Christopher, was written up on the media gossip site for allegedly picking a fight with her “beloved” Stephen Gyllenhaal, the poet, film director, and father of two uber-famous actors.

I can’t sum it up any better than Gawker can: Gawker link.

Cantara published a poetry book by Gyllenhaal a while back and has been linked with him romantically, by her own account. I don’t have any personal knowledge of their relationship beyond what I’ve read on the interwebs, so I don’t really have any insight into what’s going on.

I was also not on the receiving end of this email she sent out that supposedly reveals “Gyllenhaal family secrets,” but the sections quoted in this article are not that illuminating or even that interesting. Will this “controversy” move a few copies of the Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter? I doubt it, but I guess it might drive some traffic to the Cantarabooks website, and that can’t hurt.


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